Botanic Artistry has a strong business relationship and network with Cambodia Tourism and Local Business Partners to bring you numerous activities that will exceed your desire.  Exquisite Cambodia has rich history, arts and culture that will leave you astounded and unforgettable.

Tour Of Angkor Wat Temple

Journey back in time to explore the magnificent Angkor Wat Temple and learn the history of Khmer Empire lasting from 802 CE to 1431 CE covered today Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, and Southern Vietnam.

Wildlife & Country Side Tour

Gibbons and Elephants

The Cambodian wildlife tour includes elephants, and northern yellow-cheeked gibbons which was only discovered  in 2010.  While you enjoy the majestic monkeys in their natural environment it is inevitable you’ll see the beautiful rice field, water lilies and lotus along the country side.  You may also see water buffaloes grazing the lush vegetation. 

*Note:  Gibbons tour only take place between 1st November and 16th June

Special Request

No request is too great and no detail is too small. We are here to assist you before your trip begins