Our Rooms

At Botanic Artistry Boutique & Garden, we offer three styles of accommodation, Executive Suites, VIP Bungalows and Outdoor Bungalows with the focus of lush tropical flowers and fruit garden to evoke your six senses. This concept was created from the passion of loving nature and the hope to preserve rare and extinct species. As a result, a piece of living art is now existing in a modern world. Therefore, our guests are truly staying and dining amongst nature near the sacred ground of Angkor Wat Temple.

VIP Bungalows

The individual bungalow is a sleek and modern design with contemporary interior and exterior.

Start from: $55 per night

Outdoor Bungalows

Our Outdoor Bungalows are the ultimate way to get close and personal with nature near the sacred ground of Angkor Wat Temple

Start from: $30 per night

Executive Suites

Executive suites are perfect for guest who would like an adjoining room for their family members, friends or colleagues to be closed by yet still have the privacy.

Start from: $45 per night